Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres in Chennai

Chennai is a home to many educational institutions. There are a ample of choices for the students to pick their education institute. To get into a fine medical institution, students are recommended to join pre-medical institution to clear NEET exam. Here are ten best institution in Chennai to get prepared for the NEET exam.

1. Jupiter Education Academy

Jupiter education academy is very zealous about coaching students to reach their success. They prepare students for the upcoming NEET exam with intensified test series. The study materials that they offer are prepared by their own faculty members for the goodness of the learners. The classes are scheduled and planned in accordance with the upcoming NEET exam. Doubt clearing session are conducted to ensure student’s understanding of the concepts. This institution is one good option available in Chennai.

2. Appollo Academy

Appolo is one of the pioneer in catering the educational needs of the students. They offer NEET coaching and also have options for getting prepared for other engineering and architecture entrance exams. Thereby giving an ample of opportunities to students, they have different programs such as the year break program, two year program, one year program and crash program . Students with varied educational needs can opt from the options according to their conveniences

3. Pioneer Academy

Pioneer academy is one NEET coaching centre with good success history. The alumni of the institution have given good feedback on the institution’s good coaching. They offer crash courses and a year program for NEET aspirants.

4. Brain Blossoms Academy

Brain blossoms is a reputed institution in Ashok Nagar,Chennai. They have facilities from all educational background to fulfill the academic requirements of the NEET aspirants. The institution also offers language and professional courses and trains students for other entrance exams IIT, NTSE ,JIPMER.

5. Aakash Institute

Aakash institution is one of the leading institutions in chennai that prepares students for NEET exam. The students can access the lectures either through online or offline mode as they have good online facilities.The students are also given recorded lectures so that they can access learning materials whenever needed. The online mode of learning saves time and the experience is the same as physical classroom experience. The students are also allowed to clarify the doubts with their facilities face to face in the online portals. Regular classroom assessment is conducted to ensure the improvement of the students. The friendly bond created between the teachers and students enhances the overall learning experience.

6. Concept Tree Learning

This institution is led by a group of medicos and IITans. They practice a unique teaching technique to bring best out of each student. The program is designed in such a way that the students yield good score in both NEET and academics. They also use digital portal and app through which they propagate their coaching anywhere, anytime. They also have an option of getting trained online.

7. Motion Education

Motion education aims at providing excellence in education to students. The main centre is in Kota and the institution has two centres in Chennai. Their focus is on building a strong foundation of concepts and foundation knowledge that lead to better understand of concepts. They not only prepare students for NEET and also other competitive exams and board level examination.

8. Templeton Education

Templeton has a experience of two decades in training students and is known for its academic excellence. Their program is designed in such a way that students cope up with their board exams. They also have online coaching and a set of mock exams for better results. Free mock tests can also be attempted in their official site. They have two year and one year program that can be chosen by students according to their conveniences.

9. Gemjee Institute

Gemjee institute is ensure good educational institution that can steer students to success. They aim to bring out the best Potential in students and also focus on their life skills . They have foundational courses and integrated courses for competitive exams like NEET.

10. Allen Career Institution

Allen career institution has proven track of records since 1988. Allen institution is a provide a blend of life values and modern technology that employs highly qualified and experienced staffs. The staffs aim at giving the students academic excellence that’s again backed up by spirit of goodness ,analytical mind and the right attitude. The courses are customised in such a way that the courses appear more comprehensive and match the evolving patterns of the NEET exam. The institution provide good technological facilities to provide a complete experience of preparation for the exam. Allen institution is the only institution in india that bagged the first three consequent places in both NEET and JEE in the year 2016 and produces success year after year till date.

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